Come To Me

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28.
It seems to me that very few of us know how to rest these days. Look around. Today is the Saturday of Memorial Day
Weekend. If traffic is any indication, there is not a lot of relaxation going on this weekend. Even on vacation or a long weekend, people rush to cram in as much as they can before returning to their jobs, where they spend twice as much energy catching up on the work and mail and emails that have piled up in their absence. Many of us need vacations just to rest from our vacations – or our weekends. After all, this is the unofficial start of summer – Paradise Grille, Dewey and Rehoboth and the like await! And then there are the things you need to do every weekend – laundry, grocery shopping – and maybe even Sunday morning worship. Have we been looking for rest in the wrong places?
Jesus said “Come to Me … and I will give you rest.” Like peace, rest and contentment can be found only in one place, from one source – and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.
Christ freely provides us with the ultimate rest. The confidence we need to face today. To escape frustration and chaos. To step off the merry go round of life. Rest in Jesus, secure in the knowledge that He holds you in the palm of His hand – supported, safe and satisfied – if you just let him.
I was told a while back that the best way to hold onto my faith is with an open hand – not a clenched fist. It was explained I can’t receive anything of I’m making a fist. Ever catch a baseball with your fist?
Rest in Him – and don’t worry about what lies ahead. Jesus Christ has taken care.of today – and tomorrow. Relax. Rest. Enjoy all the beauty God has given. He provides rest for the weary, strength for the weak, comfort for the sufferer and grace for the sinner. Now THAT’S rest – real peace. How about carving out some time today to give yourself a break? Take a rest – just for today. All the stress and mess will wait for you – if you want it to. Peace. Pb.