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Daybreak Praise Worship 8:45 am (0845)
Traditional Service 11:00 am (1100)

Healing Service 3rd Wednesday of Every Month @ 7:00 p.m (1900)

32051 Long Neck Road
Millsboro, DE 19966
Office Phone: 302-945-9453
Office Hours: Monday – Noon to 3:00 pm (1200-1500)
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm (1000-1500)
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Note From Pastor Bruce Rodgers:

Church Family – Due to the pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the Governor, certain changes have taken place at the LNUMC Campus.  Here’s a list of important items to know:


There will be no visitors permitted at the church office.  The office will receive messages, telephone calls and the like and Karen will respond as soon as she is able. 

The entire campus is closed, due to the unknown life of this virus on hard surfaces and the unknown contagious nature of the bug.  There will be no church meetings, group meetings, 12-Step Recovery meetings, Wednesday morning church openings or the like.  Regrettably, at a time when folks need a place to “go” the most, this deadly virus necessitates we socially distance.  We have established a Zoom tele-conferencing capability.  Please contact Karen for the access details.

There will be no expenditures (other than operations) unless approved by the relevant committee AND the Pastor.  Work in progress already may be completed.  No new work and no new projects may be commenced absent this heightened approval.

Tithes and offerings will be received by mail to the office, by electronic giving and by automatic funds transfers from your accounts.  Please remember your tithes and offerings

We will evaluate these items on an ongoing basis.  Every impacted church group, team or committee was consulted prior to these new procedures becoming effective.  Your lay leadership is doing a fantastic job in stewarding the Kingdom of God here on earth.


Thanks to everyone for all your work, cooperation and understanding as we walk together through these difficult days.